Company History

Houston Avenue

Today, Alliance has a new home on Houston Avenue in the Heights. We welcome visitors, so come by to talk shop, have some fresh baked cookies or just say hello!

The Shop

It was a metal warehouse and we loved it! 2728 Columbia street was fondly referred to as β€œthe shop!” We had plenty of room to grow and that we did! Lots of loud music and late nights of printing here too!

The Early Years

The Alliance journey began humbly in 2006 within these townhome walls located in Rice Military. Michael and Nina Phillips purchased two plotters and two small-format machines (that were actually quite big) then squeezed them up the narrow staircase to second-floor spare bedrooms. Being the only 2 employees they had, they sold during the day and printed at night! It is with this dedication to our customers that our sweet company still stands on today and will always!